A new generation garniture tape and suction band is born with 2 shifts+ performance.
About Us

MSB Beltings was started by the personnel having rich experience in the manufacturing of the endless tapes and endless belts for the cigarette and other industrial needs. We have excellence over 55 years in the manufacturing of garniture tapes, suction bands, woven industrial cord belts, flat belts etc. With this more than 5 decades of experience, commitment and customer centricity, we've evolved into one of the major industry players. The motivation from our customers is also worth mentioning in the MSBelt journey to success.

We use German made equipment together with the most modern, fully fledged computer controlled machinery, which the industry now demands. This clearly elucidates our uncompromising attitude in terms of quality. Backing up with our decades experience of serving the cigarette and tobacco industry, we have an extensive knowledge of the other industries like forging industry, rice mills, glass industries etc. Having learnt the needs and standards of various industries, we are proud to call ourselves as catalysts of their success by helping our customers’ choose the right tape or belt to optimize their production programme.

The fact that we serve diverse industries is evident from the manufacturing of Kevlar belts for the Glass industries in the conveying application of the melted glass and hot glass sheets apart from the Power transmission beltings. Under our roof, a tape or belt of any industrial application can be made with a thickness ranging from 0.5 mm to 25 mm, width from 7 mm to 1000 mm. The customer completely has a freedom to choose any length and material according to their requirement.

As said earlier, we don’t compromise on quality! During the regular supplies if any of the products is found to be defective, we will analyse the same in our lab and if found to be the problem at our end, the total lot of that particular material will be replaced free of cost and it is the guarantee we offer to any of our customers.

The price? We offer a very competitive price that no other similar company can offer across the globe. You can find much cheaper prices with MSBelt in comparison with a similar product of any other supplier.

And yes, the dispatch is equally important besides quality and the price. We can despatch 25 nos. of the Garniture Tapes or 25 nos. of the Suction bands of any specification to the customer for their immediate needs within 48 hours of the confirmation of the order.

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