A new generation garniture tape and suction band is born with 2 shifts+ performance.
MSBelt Range of Products

1.Garniture Tapes and Suction Bands for the Cigarette and Filter makers.
2.Industrial Kevlar® Belts in both Endless and Continuous type .
3.Thin Kevlar® or Cotton/Nylon/Polyester/Linen Belts for Sandwich Belt makers .
4.Twisted and Woven Kevlar® Ropes for the Marine, Industrial and Defense Applications.
5.Flat Belts (Endless/Continuous) made of Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, and Linen for the Industrial Conveyor applications.
6. Braided Kevlar® ropes for the Cable Industries.
7. Kevlar® made RIB CORD for Fiber Optic cabling.
8. Nylon braided or twisted belts for the garment industries.
9. Nylon flat belts for the rice mills.

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